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  • Time to hire recruiters Immediate
  • Pre-vetted recruiters
  • Cost
  • Failure rate Very low
  • Recruiter matching
  • Termination fees None
  • GovCon recruiting experience Yes
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    In-House Hire

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    • 1-3 Months
    • Medium
    • Yes
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    • 2-3 Weeks
    • Very High
    • No
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    Staffing Agencies

    Agencies Top talent hunting


    • 1-3 Months
    • Very High
    • No
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For Employers

Plan, Execute, And Track Projects Of Any Size & Budget

Easily assign tasks and prioritize what’s most important for your growing company. Hire a recruiter on a fixed or hourly rate. Set project timelines and milestones, track progress, and manage your recruiting team’s entire workload all in one place. You’re in Full Control!

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  • Banner animationSet Project Milestone
  • Banner animationPay Securely With Our Flexible Payment Terms
  • Banner animationSet Project Timelines For Any Sized Projects
  • Banner animationWork With Hand-Selected Talent
  • Banner animationProject Revision and much more
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For Employers

Build A Team Of Recruiters

Stay ahead of any federal staffing shortfall by hiring multiple recruiters for one project. Move faster on a platform that automates time consuming tasks and streamlines hiring.

  • Banner animationTap into our marketplace of recruiters who specialize in federal recruitment
  • Banner animationQuickly assemble the teams you need, exactly when you need them
  • Banner animationApprove & track your team’s timesheet
  • Banner animationRelease payments based on the project milestone
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For Recruiters

Do What Your Love.

Let Gigrecroot put you in the driver’s seat of your career, so you’ll have more time building client relationships and focusing on what you do best.

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  • Banner animationChoose the projects you love
  • Banner animationCollaborate directly, securely and online
  • Banner animationMake your brand visible to clients
  • Banner animationConnect with employers through our live chat
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For Recruiters

Recruit. Get Paid. Repeat.

Work with exceptional growing companies. We help you land and manage a steady stream of short and long-term gig work.

Increased earning potential. Decreased freelancing stress. Trend lines we like to see.

  • Banner animationManage Payout Transactions
  • Banner animationEasy and safe money withdraws
  • Banner animationTrack Earning History
  • Banner animationWork on several projects simultaneously and start generating cash flow
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